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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis

Dr. Contogiannis didnít tell me what I should have done, she listened to how I wanted my body to look, and then she did it. I love how I look. Iíve always been an exerciser, but now people ask me if I work out and what I do. Iíve always been careful of what I eat, but now people want to know my diet secrets. I love telling people that Iím 40; I have 4 kids who are 9, 8, 6 & 5 years old, and then watching them try to figure out how I do it. When they ask I tell them; I work out, I watch what I eat, and I visited Dr. Contogiannis and changed my life

N. D.

My experience at the Renaissance Center was fabulous. I had a breast augmentation going from an A-cup to a full C-cup. The surgery went smoothly and recovery wasnít bad at all. The first week is the hardest. I slept propped up on pillows. I got up everyday and took a walk. It helped me feel better. At three weeks I was able to jog a little. At two months I felt completely normal. I recommend waiting as long as you can before buying a new bra. My breasts changed from week to week for several months. I am so happy with the way I look now. The care I received from Dr. Contogiannis was amazing. The whole staff is great and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone and will go back if and when I ever have more plastic surgery.

L. R.

My decision to meet with the staff at the Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery and Wellness was an easy one. Dr. Contogiannis and her staff consistently went above and beyond my expectations. During my initial consultation, I was hesitant and had several questions. Dr. Contogiannis and her staff answered all my questions, provided me with additional literature to review and invited me to call if I had additional questions. They were readily available throughout my entire decision making process. I have been greeted with the same exceptional level of courtesy and professionalism during each phone call and at each visit.

My results are better than I imagined. I always hoped I would look better and now I do. I am happier with more zest for life. My family constantly tells me how excited they are about the new me.

I walk with my head held high and my smile wider because of my confidence in how I look. Today when I notice people noticing me, I know its not only because I feel amazing, I look amazing.

P. N-S.
Mary Ann Contogiannis, M.D.
Office Address:
211 State Street
Greensboro, NC 27408
Email Dr. Contogiannis
Dr. Contogiannis has 4 patients available for view in the Before and After Photo Gallery. Click here to visit.

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