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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Deborah Pan

Dear Dr. Pan,

Thank you for taking such good care of me! A little something to keep you warm on these cold days and to remember how much you are appreciated! (hand quilted blanket was given as a gift).


Dear Dr. Pan,

Thank you for making me feel pretty!


Dear Dr. Pan,

Thank you a thousand times, the breast reduction surgery you performed on January 4, 2005 truly changed my life! It has been incredible having no neck pain. Being able to stand up straight... has given me freedom. The only regret I have is that I did not do this surgery years ago. I am truly grateful I had the surgery done and that I had a talented and skilled doctor to perform my surgery.

Thank you again Dr. Pan.

Dear Dr. Pan and Mary Jean,

Thank you so so so so so much for rushing to treat my daughter Susie and your kindness and professionalism. It meant so much to us. Susie was thrilled to be in such good "hands"!

J. and J.

Dear Dr. Pan,

Thank you very much for taking such excellent care of me. I sincerely appreciate you seeing me right away, especially when you were leaving soon on vacation. What you did for me gave me peace of mind....

Dear Dr. Pan,

All too often we go on about our daily routines and seldom applaud the works of others. I feel very compelled to do so. On December 11th our Christmas wish became reality, in that our dear brother Billy came home for the holiday. Without your expertise and wonderful care you have embraced him with, this surely could not have happened.... We truly thank you immensely for your care and utmost concern.

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Dear Dr. Pan,

I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me and I wish I was capable of truly expressing my gratitude. You have changed my life in many respects and hopefully I will be able to repay you someday.


Dear Dr. Pan,

I want to thank you for your wonderful care and skill. I am so completely happy with my surgical procedure, and my recovery has been excellent! I was so blessed to meet you, and I hope you know how happy you have made me. You are a wonderful doctor, and I feel very lucky to be your patient.

Thanks again,

Dear Dr. Pan,

Just a quick note of appreciation for all your help in answering my many questions and guidance throughout the surgery. Thanks for doing a great job! Thank you for holding my hand before the surgery - it's a little crazy in the OR!

Warmest regards,
Deborah Pan, M.D.
ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa
Office Address:
1 Audubon Street
Suite 201
New Haven, CT 06511
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